Top 5 Best Puzzle Video Games of 2019

Puzzle genre is always considered as the special dish of any game library. With the development of the game industry, there are thousands of amazing Puzzle Video Games released each year. It is not hard to pick a bunch of Puzzle Video Games on the Internet, but to tell which are the most insane ones isn’t an easy term. The list of Top Five Best Puzzle Video Games we bring today will give you a glance at the most successful Puzzle Video Games that shook the world at the time they were released. Check it out!

Bejeweled Stars

The first Puzzle game included in our list is Bejeweled Stars, a representative from PopCap Games. Just like its siblings in the series Bejeweled, Bejeweled Stars requires the player to match the gems in the same type and earn the most points to advance to the higher levels. However, what makes Bejeweled Stars different from its siblings? The answer is all about the appearance of the small bite-sized jewels that are given to the player due to his performance. With Bejeweled Stars, the players will feel like their effort are well-paid, which leads to the endless fun and interest the player may feel throughout the gameplay.


Developed by a group of students from the DigiPen University, Perspective defines a new ground for Puzzle Video Games with its unique elements. In this game, the player has to control a small blue avatar since he is required to lead the avatar through a 2D plane. The missions in Perspective seem quite easy but in fact, you will have to wear your brain out because “everything is not what it seems”. The game allows the player to shift the camera’s perspective, as well as creating new walkways to let the character progress through a level. The perspective will encourage you to “think outside of the box”, which no one is really good at.


Another indie Puzzle game lands in this list of Top Five Best Puzzle Video Games of all time is Inside. From the developer of the legendary Limbo, Playdead, Inside enables the player to involve himself in a world that is taken over by zombie-like humans and violent dogs. Taking the role of an unnamed boy, the player must solve all the challenging puzzles to complete the game’s quest. Simple but addictive, Inside will easily blow your mind form the first time you get access to it!

The Impossible Quiz

You must have questioned why a mischief Puzzle game like The Impossible QuizThe Impossible Quiz eventually made its appearance in this list of Top Five Best Puzzle Video Games of all time. In the game world of The Impossible Quiz, simply a video game about solving quizzes, the player also has to deal with such things as the Timing system, Tricky questions, and unpredictable results. All of those incredibly amazing elements explain pretty much of the reasons why The Impossible Quiz is a Puzzle video game that you must try before you die!

Red Ball

Last but not least, Red Ball is the final recommendation we want you to try it so bad. This Puzzle video game is the modern version of the classic and original game, which was released alongside with the very first versions of the legendary mobile phone Nokia. Red Ball contains all the purest elements of its mother, as its gameplay has the player controlling a Red Ball and exploring the trapping game world. The game has quite smooth controls that can satisfy the most difficult players. Playing through several phases, the player will find himself trapped in an environment where only the smartest brains can exist. You can play this game very fast in hudgames

Are you excited yet? Let’s turn yourself to Red Ball, as well as the other Puzzle Video Games we listed in this article because the amazing Puzzle game worlds are waiting for you right at the corner.



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