Best Batman Game of All Time – Who is It?

When it comes to the best Batman game, you have undoubtedly heard of the Batman: Arkham games, right?

The series has provided amazing actions and adventures over the years. And since the first appearance of Arkham Asylum in 2009, Batman fans have been looking forward to the upcoming versions in the series.

But, to be honest, not all them are the best to experience.

Without more ado, we will show a list of the Batman: Arkham games, which is ranked from the worst to the best.

Are you ready to uncover? Here we are!

Best Batman games ranked worst to best

Batman: Arkham Origins

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Batman: Arkham Origins is the single game in the series that is not developed by Rocksteady Studios. When Rocksteady decided to take a break after its phenomenon of Batman: Arkham City, Warner Bros launched this version to the market in 2013.

But the result is not good.

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The city is designed bigger, making it tedious to navigate from one point to the other. Meanwhile, the story turns around Deathstroke, Black Mask, and others that are similar to DC comics stuff.

It feels like a somewhat lazy move to go straight for an earlier part of the Arkham City. So, all you only discover is the boredom.

Batman: Arkham Knight


At first sight, Arkham Knight doesn’t seem like the best Batman game. The story is good yet predictable. Bringing the Joker on board in a forced way and adding other aspects like the tank battle feel somewhat out of place here.

However, a series of side missions such as moving bombs in the city or dealing with a maddened killer will keep you busy all the time.

Additionally, the appearance of the Batmobile to this world is indeed impressive, allowing you to race through Gotham City at breakneck speeds. Even, you can eject from the car while gliding or driving through the skies to see the city from above.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

best batman game 2

Although Arkham Asylum mainly mentions nostalgia, it’s a masterpiece.

Coming rather quickly off the heels of the Dark Night gave the grittiness of Batman into the real world. Moreover, this version successfully took it right back to its gloomy comic book heart.

Indeed, the free-flow and third-person combat was the highlight of this game. Playing as a predator and silently knocking down a squad of armed tugs was a thrill as well.

As a plus, the dream progressions involving a villain, named Scarecrow,challenges you to evade the attacks of a huge version of the masked villain in a dream world. Though all only exist in Batman’s mind.

Batman: Arkham City

best batman game 3

After the great success of Arkham Asylum, Rocksteady Studios continued expanding the Batman world with the appearance of Arkham City.This version is set in a restricted place of Gotham, called Arkham, where are full of criminal elements.

Here Bruce Wayne needs to deal with a madman, Hugo Strange, who is hatching a secret plan aka “Protocol 10.” And discovering this plan will end up the game.

Aside from facing up to the thugs on the streets, you have to regulate against a menagerie of supervillains as well. Moreover, you can meet Catwoman, a sexy robot, who can support you at some points in this game.

Especially, the free-flow battle is an explosion, opposing against enemy moves and counteracting while using devastating combos makes you feel like the Dark Knight here for sure.

Final verdict

If you need to name of the best batman game, mainly the Arkham series, Batman: Arkham City is our answer.

It is not our subjective opinion because we’ve consulted lots of feedbacks from gaming forums. Besides, we tried playing all four games above to give the just and clear-sighted judgment.

What do you think, guys? Don’t mind letting us know so that we can discuss!





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