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When it comes to Mama games, you can discover different types from cooking to babysitting, gardening, and crafting. But now, you will catch her again in the kitchen while enjoying Cooking Mama 5: Bon Appétit!.

Let’s ready to welcome new things with 60 recipes, lots of household activities and many stunning mini-games. And don’t forget to consult our Cooking Mama 5 review below to get an overall viewpoint before starting.

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A quick glance at Cooking Mama 5 review

Right after entering Mama’s kitchen, most of the players will jump into Let’s Cook game mode to relish the new recipes from appetizers and sweet treats to full meals. Each task such as whipping, cracking eggs, etc. is done via a series of separate micro-games. Moreover, using a combination of a tilt sensor, stylus, and microphone inputs gives you a fun cooking experience.

Let’s try to make delicious mochi. First of all, you have to grate white radishes by sliding the stylus from left to right and tap to clear out the grater. Then mince green onion with fast-fire tapping, stir soy flour with timed taps, and split edamame out of their pods with gentle stylus touches. Continue prepping rice by washing it, tilting the screen to drain, steaming, folding over the cloth, and pressing the button to cook it until the rice is cooked perfectly.

Generally, each task in your chosen recipe is easy and straightforward. Besides, it doesn’t require much challenging while using the 3DS to play. Sliding, twirling or tapping, all give a sense of hands-on satisfaction to the players.

Other game modes in Cooking Mama 5: Bon Appétit!

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As long as you finish a recipe in Let’s Cook, the game instantly unlocks other recipes in the Cooking Dojo. This game mode is also important since it offers a more significant challenge by asking you to replay completed recipes with quicker time limits. Especially, it provides three different medals including Bronze, Silver, and Gold based on your performance.

The next game mode in Cooking Mama 5 review is Let’s Help in the Shop!. At this time, you will support Mama to manage the restaurant such as arranging dishes on a tray, gaining points by matching the correct layout, giving customers exact amounts of change or running the cash register.

Let’s Help Harvest! is another game mode that concentrates on gathering ingredients for recipes. Here you play sorting puzzles by using scissors to cut fruits from a tree or catching falling food in a truck. Meanwhile, Let’s Help Mama requires you to continue helping Mama do household chores. Let’s Study is the final mode that offers word-based and straightforward mini-gamesfrom word matching to sliding puzzles.

What we like in Cooking Mama 5

Right from the start, Mama won’t require the same level of precision. For example, although you unluckily tilt a strainer too far or spill all cooked rice into the sink, you still receive Mama’s praise “Not too bad!” This keeps things accessible and friendly for every player, especially for kids.

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But, in case you want more judgment, you can try playing the game mode of the Cooking Dojo. As outlined above, you need to finish everything on time and accurately to get medals for each recipe. Even, if you prefer competition, this game allows you to face off another cook in Download Play. Here you will compete against each other in 15 cooking missions to find the best one.

Another greater thing is all about decoration. When playing Cooking Mama 5: Bon Appétit!, you always enjoy a sunny and colorful appearance with a pastel cover of pain and clean lines. That makes you play all day without getting bored and tired.


Since the release in Japan on November 21, 2013, Cooking Mama 5 has attracted a large number of players, especially younger ones. Actually, the children find it appealingwhileexperienced gamers will easily overcome all the challenges.

In our Cooking Mama 5 review, all related to cartoon graphics, different tasks, and constant encouragement are listed carefully. So, what you should do is to find this cool game and enjoy instantly. Casual, fun yet not too challenging, we bet you soon fall in love with this new series for sure.

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