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All parents love to let their kids play outside with friends, read a good book everyday or do anything helpful instead of pressing their eyes on video games.

In some cases, you are right if your child prefers to violent games. However, there are lots of great and educational 3DS games available. Moreover, they help your children learn and develop the necessary skills in real life.

Don’t hesitate anymore? Follow us and find out now!

Top 8 educational 3DS games

Pokémon Art Academy


If your kid prefers to paint and draw, Pokémon Art Academy is all you need.

In this game, you are a drawing enthusiast who is following Professor Andy to become a famous Pokémon illustrator. Start learning the basics of art from easy shapes and coloring to difficult methods such as blending or shading. By going through each lesson, you will find out different tools that are familiar in the painting field.

Cooking Mama 5: Bon Appetit!

As its name suggests, this game is an excellent choice for those who enjoy cooking good meals in the kitchen. Furthermore, this new version introduces lots of fantastic updates.

The main player will be set in a cooking school to learn new and delicious recipes as well as performing various household mini-games. When playing, your children will discover new cultures and forms of diversity in cooking. Even, they can cook in their own way with classic recipes, sweet treats, and exotic multicultural dishes.

If you kids want to be a master chef, remember to show them this cool game!

Nintendogs + Cats

Kids never say NO to pets. But, parents sometimes refuse to give them a pet because of environments or allergies. So, why don’t you allow them to play Nintendogs + Cats, one of the coolest educational 3DS games?

Your child is able to bring home a cute kitten or puppy. Wonderfully, he might name his pet, teach, love and care about them, and experience fun moments. It can be said that playing this game looks like taking care of the real pet.

Nikoli’s Pencil Puzzle

When it comes to the best Nintendo 3DS games, it will be a BIG mistake if missing the world-famous puzzle maker, Nikoli, with tons of great puzzles. And Nikoli’s Pencil Puzzle is described as the perfect one that both you and your child can play and solve together.

In this game, your little kid needs to overcome more than 600 puzzles spreading across 5 awesome types including Bridges, Museum, Sudoku, Boxes, and a unique 3D puzzle made just for the Nintendo 3DS.

Scribblenauts Unlimited

Most of the children love to create their own stories. So, be quick to introduce Scribblenauts Unlimited since this game is a cool adventure.

At this time, your kid needs to support a boy, named Maxwell, to deal with puzzles by summoning any item you might think. The longer he plays, the more he learns since this game includes helpful information.

Tomodachi Life

In our opinion, Tomodachi Life is one of the greatest educational 3DS games that is super suitable for the whole family.

Guide your kids to control Mii or any character that represents them. After that, start joining in different adventures depending on the chosen character. By playing this game, your children can learn lots of things such as how to raise a family, how to do daily chores, and so on.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Following the Animal Crossing seriesclosely by Nintendo, Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a fun and cool game for both children and parents.

You’re allowed to customize a character who might become the Mayor of a town that is famous for talking and walking animals. And in your own adventure, you need to learn how to deal with issues and how to run the town.

Brain Age Concentration Training

If your kids prefer to play a game of wits, Brain Age Concentration Training will be the best choice.

Although there is a fantastic series of Brain Age, this game is more exciting since it offers specially designed exercises that will test your short-term memory as well as improve your concentration skill. Wonderfully, it’s an ideal choice for children who are struggling in school or have trouble listening.


So, which educational 3DS games will be suitable for your beloved kids? Indeed, you can allow them to enjoy all, but make sure to test it first.

And don’t mind asking us any questions related to this topic if you still wonder. We’re always here to support you!




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