Educational Games for Kids

One of the best ways to make your kids embrace learning is to make it fun. And encouraging them to enjoy interactive games is actually beneficial.

How do pizzas, goldfish or worms help to improve math ability? Or how can knocking down or building a house support their awareness of words? As parents, you might be dubious about it. But, the truth is that online educational games for kids can be beneficial than you imagine.

Be curious about which education games are suitable for your beloved kids? Down here and you will know instantly.

Top 10 educational games for kids on

Additional Pizza Party: 1-10

This game requires your preschool kids to add the correct number of toppings on a pizza to make it delicious. They learn to count toppings one-by-one, aided by visual clues so that they can get each proper order.

For instance, they need to add 5 flowers and 4 crowns on the pizza in order to create 9 toppings according to request.

By enjoying this concrete counting game, your child can master one-to-one correspondence as well as establishing a strong base of math skills.

Addition Matching

To kindergarteners, knowing how to build numbers is essential. If you want your kids to hone their additional skill, this mental math matching game is a perfect choice.

Furthermore, this game bringsa more in-depth knowledge of numerical order and values. Relying on that, your children might start to associate values with numbers and understand the concepts of less than and greater than, helping to build skill in the upcoming grades.

2- Digit Place Value Machine

In this game, the kids need to support Muggo to fix his machine by using available computer chips. Muggo will say the necessary number of chips, and then your childhas to place the correct number of tens and ones into the machine.

Through playing 2-Digit Place Value Machine, the first-grade children can improve their understanding of the relationship between numbers as well as their capacity to do mental math.

Stop the Clock!

It might be challenging when asking your kids to tell time on an analog clock. But, this game helps second graders improve their capacity to tell time to the hour, quarter hour, and half-hour.

Guide the kids to listen carefully in order to stop the clock when it comes to the target time. Allow them to play frequently so that they master telling time correctly.

Alphabet Space Photoshoot

If you want your babies to develop their reading and spelling skills, this game will be a perfect choice. They don’t only explore fantastic scenes in the outer space but also learn uppercase letters with Officer Ice Cream’s X-ray camera. And each letter helps them understand the unique sounds as well as realizing its handwriting.

In short, seeing the letters in an engaging environment strengthens your children’s letter recognition skills better.

School Bus Spelling Game

Here is another cool game about reading and writing for kindergarteners.

Their primary task is to control the school bus to overcome each stop by spelling simple three-letter words to build a bridge. Your kids need to spell a word that can match the picture correctly after listening from the narrator.

Playing with the sound of letters and spelling words are excellent ways to help them a lot. Furthermore, whenever finishing each stop successfully, the bus passengers are sure to be thankful.

Long and Short Vowel Sort

As its name suggests, your kids will learn how to distinguish long vowel sounds and short vowel sounds by helping Jane and Jon. They need to pick out the right items by grouping long and short vowel ones. Relying on that, they can learn how to build spelling skills as well as reading fluently.

Nouns and Verbs Sort

If you want your kids to promote their awareness of nouns and verbs, this nice word game is ideal. They will learn how to identify different parts of speed and then choose the right one on a vending machine. For each correct word, fun characters will be grateful.

Of course, this cool game also helps your children improve their reading skills, particularly for the 2nd-grade ones.

Shape Shadow Matching Game

By playing an educational version of an old classic card game, your preschool kids will familiarize themselves with simple shapes. Guide them to flip each card and ask them to use their memory in order to get a match of two similar figures.

Tricky Lowercase Letters Bingo

Normally, kids tend to flip and reserve letters when first learning the alphabet. That means some certain letters like “d,” “p”or “q” are quite hard to recognize.

Hence, try to instruct them to play this bingo game so that they can build the recognition skills for easily confused lowercase letters including “b,” “d,” “g,” “p,” and “q.”


Of course, you can find more and more excellent educational games for kids on No matter which games you allow your kids to play, they will get a chance to push the learning boundaries. Don’t mind letting them struggle since everything leads to the good result.



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