Ocarina of Time Walkthrough

ocarina of time walkthrough

After a long time, The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time has still attracted a whole new generation of players. Moreover, it has become a standard for adventure games and laid a base for open world journeys.

Since this is a MASSIVE world, players always look for a complete Ocarina of Time walkthrough to complete the entire game.

And here is what you need, guys.

Contents of Ocarina of Time Walkthrough

Kokiri Forest

You will start with Link (a familiar character in this game), then head out and converse with Saria, Link’s childhood companion.

After that, you need to prepare to start your quest through Hyrule.

Inside the Deku Tree

This is the first dungeon in Ocarina of Time, and it’s described as the interior of the enormous guardian of the Kokiri Forest.

Here you need to save the Great Deku Tree by breaking Ganondorf’s curse. It’s also your first boss in this game.

But before starting anything, you need to find a fairy slingshot, a map, and a compass. Then try to defeat the boss to receive your first Spiritual Stone (Kokiri Emerald).

Hyrule Castle

ocarina of time walkthrough 2

After leaving Kokiri Forest, please take a right and head north to visit Hyrule Castle. Note that you only enter the castle in the daytime because the drawbridge often shuts at night.

However, it’s a bit hard to make it into the castle. You have to travel a long distance through Hyrule Field and face up to dangers here. Try to find a large owl to get advice or ask him for a ride.

And don’t forget to collect necessary items at Hyrule Market before entering the castle.

Lost Woods

The Lost Woods is placed in southeastern Hyrule.

As a mysterious forest, it causes careless travelers to wander in circles endlessly. Moreover, it separates into different roads, making them become lost and then turn back to the entrance.

If you want to find the right way, it’s best to follow the sound of music to reach Sacred Forest Meadow. Then head up the stairs to meet Saria and ask her to teach a new song to escape from the forest.

Kakariko Village

To visit Kakariko Village, you need to overcome a long stairway that is located across the bridge to the east of the castle’s drawbridge.

Although you can skip this place to reach Death Mountain (up the hill to the left of the gate), you will miss out some cool side activities and items such as an Empty Bottle and Hylian Shield.

Make sure you spend time getting them before doing anything.

Goron City

Goron City lies in a cave near the top of Death Mountain and in the northeast corner of Hyrule. You need to climb the Death Mountain Trail from the Kakariko Village to visit here.

The Gorons inhabit this city while Darunia controls it. And you need to play Saria’s song in front of him. After entering here, try to acquire a Piece of Heart or Rupees at a shop or a considerable spinning vase.

Dodongo’s Cavern

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In order to obtain another Spiritual Stone, you have to reach Dodongo’s Cavern, where is blocked with a giant boulder.

After leaving the Goron City, please find a bomb flower on the right and use it to destroy the boulder. Then continue overcoming walls until entering the cavern.

Aside from collecting necessary items, you need to defeat King Dodongo. Make sure to use Hylian Shield and bombs to attack him well.

Lon Lon Ranch

Lon Lon Ranch is a cattle ranch owned by Talon, his daughter Malon, and his coworker Ingo. Additionally, it’s home to your future horse, Epona.

This ranch is placed at the center of Hyrule Field. And when visiting there, you can find some key items including a Heart Piece, a Bottle, a song, and Gold Skulltulas.

Zora’s Domain

Located in the northeast part of Hyrule, Zora’s Domain is home to King Zora and Princess Ruto.

It is a vasthollow area that is mostly filled with water and a large waterfall. Its source of water starts at Zora’s Fountain.

And to come here, the only road is to follow the river outside Kakariko Village and then find an entrance to Zora’s River. But make sure you have some connections with the Royal Family of Hyrule to enter successfully.

Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly

According to Ocarina of Time walkthrough, Inside Jabu-Jabu’s Belly is the third dungeon that you must complete.

This dungeon is placed inside the body of Lord Jabu-Jabu. And you have to drop a Fish from the bottle in front of him, making him open his mouth and swallowing all inside.

Your task here is to search for another Spiritual Stone to save Princess Ruto.

Temple of Time

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Temple of Time serves as the gateway between the Sacred Realm and Hyrule. And it’s home of Master Sword. This temple was built in ancient times by the Ancient Sages to guard the Sacred Realm against evil.

Enter here and find an altar to place all three Spiritual Stones. Then play the Song of Time to open the door and take Master Sword.

Forest Temple

The Forest Temple was originally a Hylian mansion or fortress. But after being desolated and overtaken by the forest, it was reused by the Kokiri and Fairies in the temple.

To access here, the only way is to acquire the Hookshot from the Kakariko graveyard and then grab onto a tree branch hanging off the top of the entrance.

And remember to collect a fairy bow, heart container, and forest medallion.

Fire Temple

The Fire Temple is placed deep inside the Death Mountain Crater and only accessible by using the Goron Tunic.

The Gorons built itas a site for worship to the Fire Spirits. Volvagia is the boss of this temple while Darunia, who gave the Goron Tunic, is the sage.

The temple includes lots of lava pits and a boss room. This room is a large rock platform where you will face up to another battle.

Ice Cavern

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To reach the Water Temple, you must pass through a mini-dungeon, called the Ice Cavern, which is placed in Zora’s Fountain. With only one floor, this cavern is the smallest dungeon in this game. It’s filled with frost bearing foes and falling icicles.

Water Temple

This is an ancient temple that is located deep under the huge Lake Hylia. Protected by the Zoras, it’s described a holy temple that is availed to worship the water spirits.

Make sure you have the Iron Boots in the Ice Cavern to access here. Besides, don’t forget to equip the boots and the Hookshot to shoot the target above the gate before entering the temple.

Bottom of the Well

After finishing the Water Temple, please turn back to Kakariko Village to find the Bottom of the Well. It includes an underground chamber that watches out the Lens of Truth.

However, to go into the well, you must play the Song of Storms to Guru-Guru. Relying on that, you can super-charge the Kakariko Windmill and drain the well dry.

Shadow Temple

After getting the Lens of Truth, find a way towards the back of the Kakariko Village Graveyard and look for an entrance.

Then place the Nocturne of Shadow to visit the Shadow Temple. Next, use Din’s Fire to light all the torches at once to open the door to the temple.

Gerudo’s Fortress

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The Gerudo’s Fortress is placed at the far end of Gerudo Valley and is the gate to the Haunted Wasteland.

It serves as a retreat for the race of thieves, aka the Gerudo, who watch out the whole fortress. In that way, any intruders will be instantly caught and thrown into a cell.

Spirit Temple

The Spirit Temple is located inside the Goddess of Sand and lies past the Gerudo’s Fortress.

The ancient ancestors of the Gerudo built it. Previously, it served as Nabooru’s headquarters until Ganondorf assumed power. Now, it has become a base of operations for the King of Thieves and his alternative mothers.

What makes this temple outstanding from the others is that it’s divided into two parts. And each requires a different age of Link to discover.

Ganon’s Castle

As the final dungeon in Ocarina of Time, the Ganon’s Castle replaces Hyrule Castle more than 7 years. It floats over a massive lake of lava, making it inaccessible.

Until the Six Sages are awakened, they will create a bridge of light, permitting you to visit the castle.

Final Verdict

We’ve finished all the valuable contents that you will enjoy when playing this game.

Since all are summaries, if you want to know particularly, please wait for our upcomingposts of Ocarina of Time walkthrough.

Or you can send us questions so that we can explain immediately.

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