Skyrim Console Commands

skyrim console commands

While playing any game,

There is NOTHING wrong with either a little cheating or a lot of cheating.

And if you’re enjoying Skyrim or the Skyrim Special Edition,

PLEASE do not MISS any Skyrim console commands below so that you can become invincible, walk through walls, fly, beef up skills, advance levels and so on.

However, before starting,

You need to knowhow to enable the console.

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The first thing is to hit the tilde (`) or (~) key that is under Esc on the keyboard. And then type the proper codes (we will show later).

NOTE that,

Since the commands are not sensitive, it’s okay to caps lock. Additionally, you can miss some signs available in the cheats.

Are you ready to discover?

Let’s start!

Consult now main Skyrim console commands

  • advancepclevel – Enhance your level
  • advancepcskill (skillname) X – Enhance skill level
  • advskill [skill] XXX – Enhance targeted skill by XXX amount
  • caqs – Accomplish all Quest Stages
  • cocquasmoke– Testing hall
  • coc “Location” – Teleport you to theplace you want
  • duplicateallitems – Duplicate items
  • enableplayercontrols– Enable controls during cinematics
  • foy XXX – Alter field of view
  • help – List console commands
  • help keyword X – Find the keyword that is listed in “help” commands
  • kill – Kill targeted thing
  • killall– Eliminate all nearby enemies
  • lock X – Lock targeted doors, chests or people, X is the difficulty level (0-100)
  • movetoqt– Teleport to quest target
  • additem XXXXXXXX “###” – Add items relied on Item Codes, XXXXXXXX is the item code, and ### is the amount you need.
  • additem 0000000f “999” – Add 999 gold
  • player.additem 0000000f “100” – Add 100 lockpicks
  • player.addperk XXXXXXXX – Add perks relied on perk codes. Just make sure your skill level is high enough to get the perk before enabling it. Or it might not work accurately.
  • advlevel – Force a Level Up
  • IncPCS [Skill Name] – Enhance the level of targeted Skill by one
  • modav [attribute name] [amount] – Apply modifier (+ or -) to the chosen attribute or skill.
  • player.modav burden X – Enhance Burden by X
  • player.modavcarryweight X – Set Carry Weight
  • player.modavDragonsouls X – Add Dragon’s Souls to improve your shouts.
  • player.placeatme X– Spawn an NPC at your place, X is NPC ID.
  • setav Health X – Set to 0 if you want it to be free
  • setavMagicka X – Set Magicka
  • setavspeedmult X – Enhance movement speed, X is a multiplier
  • player.setac Stamina X – Set Stamina
  • setscrimegold X – Set to 0 if you want it to be free
  • setlevel X – Set Level
  • setscale X – Alter scale of player, X =1 is a standard
  • psb – Offer all spells to player
  • qqq – Leave the game
  • removeallitems – Get rid of all items of targeted NPC
  • resurrect – Resurrect targeted thing
  • saq – Begin all quests
  • setownership – Alter ownership of target so that you can steal it
  • setpcfame – Set targeted character’s fame
  • setpcinfamy– Set targeted character’s infamy
  • showracemenu–Bring up the race character/collection customization menu. But this resets your character to level 1 and your skills to the first values.
  • tai – Toggle Artificial Intelligence
  • [target].getavinfo [attribute] – This shows a short list of info about the chosen attribute like skills, health, etc. of the particular target.
  • tcai – Toggle Combat Artificial Intelligence
  • tcl – Toggle No-clip mode
  • tdetect – Toggle AI Detection
  • tfc – Free camera
  • tfow – Toggle FOW
  • tg – Toggle grass
  • tgm – Toggle God mode
  • tm – Toggle menus, HUD
  • tmm,1 – Toggle Map Markers
  • unlock – Unlock targeted locked thing

More commands in Skyrim

skyrim console commands 2

Except for the Skyrim console commands above, we also focus on other commands for each specific thing.

Look below and find out more, guys!

Skyrim item commands

  • equipitem [itemID] [X] [left/right] – Force a target to equip an item that is in the Inventory and choose which hand to use.
  • equipspell [spellID] [left/right] – Equip a spell
  • unequipitem [itemID] [X] [left/right] – Unequip an item they are availing
  • setessential [BaseID] [X] – Set the mortality of the target, [0] for mortal and [1] for immortal
  • disable – Makes a target disappear
  • enable – Make a disabled target come again
  • MarkForDelete– Delete a targeted item permanently
  • setownership– Permit you to make an item unowned
  • unlock – Unlock a targeted door or chest
  • additem [itemID] [X] – Add an item to the target’s Inventory
  • setlevel [1] [2] [3] [4] – Set the level of the targeted NPC. [1] is % of PC’s level, [2] is level, [3] is the starting level, and [4] is the level cap
  • setscale [X] – Set the scale of the targeted object
  • openactorcontainer [X] – Add or take items from NPC Inventory, [X] is between 1 and 4, depending on the actor’s rank status.

Skyrim quest commands

  • GetStage [QuestID] – Get the present quest for the selected quest
  • sqs [quest id] – Display all the stages of a quest
  • SetObjectiveCompleted [QuestID] [stage] [1 to set, 0 to unset] – Set a quest stage as either done or undone
  • SetStage [quest id] [stage value] – Set a quest to a particular stage
  • movetoqt [QuestID] – Move you to the target of the quest
  • showquesttargets – Display all current quest IDs
  • CompleteQuest [QuestID] – Accomplish a quest

Skyrim player commands

  • unlockworld [shoutID] – Unlock a Dragon Shout
  • addshout [shoutID] – Add a Shout to the player’s skill list
  • SetPlayerRace – Alter the race of your character
  • fov [X] – Permit you to set the field of view. 75 is default setting while 160 is maximum setting
  • sucsm [X] – Set the speed of the free-flying camera. 1 is default setting, 2 will double the speed, and 0.5 will divide the speed into half
  • animcam – Permit you to vary the angle of the camera without changing the way your character is facing.
  • IncPCS [AVskill] – Enhance skill points in a particular field by one point
  • AdvSkill [AV] [X] – Provide the player a particular amount of skill points to avail

skyrim console commands 3

Skyrim other commands

  • Addfac [FactionID] [X] – Add a chosen NPC to a Faction, X is between 1 and 4.
  • RemoveFac [FactionID] – Remove a chosen NPC from a Faction
  • set playerfollowercount to [X] – Set the number of followers for the player.
  • set timescale to [X] – Set the rate of time passage in the game. While 1 is real-time, 20 is the default.
  • sw [WeatherID] – Set the present climate to the desired weather patterns.

Final thought

That’s all for Skyrim console commands that you should know when playing this game.

AND remember to activate the console before starting or you will get nothing.

Try it now and send us your result!

Or if you find other commands, please SHARE with us, guys!





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