Tomodachi Life Ranking Board

As its name suggests, theTomodachi Life ranking board is a board with rankings on it. And it’s placed near the right half of the island in this game. With this board, you are able to examine different rankings of their Miis in various categories. These categories will show which Mii acquires the most attention, which Mii you have spent more money, and so on.

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Tomodachi Life Ranking Board

However, how many rankings are there exactly? What does each imply? Down here to know now!

Tomodachi Life ranking board – all you should know

Each Tomodachi Life ranking board arranges your Miis or one event or your island depending on a particular aspect. And all are beyond your control aside from the splurge and pampered rankings.

  • Unlock Popularity Rankingafter getting enough 10 islanders. Remember to check out who the most popular folks on the island are.
  • Vitality Ranking can be unlocked by itself. Remember to examine who’s got the best balance of body, mind, and spirit.
  • Unlock Pampered Ranking after dealing with 90 issues successfully. Remember to find which islanders receive the most of your attention.
  • Unlock Splurge Ranking after spending at least $1000 on one islander. Remember to check which islanders you have to spend more money.
  • Unlock Romance Ranking after checking two opposite-sex Miis 10 times. Remember to examine which of your island’s couples are the best ones (you can rely on compatibility tester).
  • Unlock Girl Charm Ranking after making a male love you. Keep in mind to find who the most alluring gals on the island are.
  • Unlock Boy Charm Ranking after making a female love you. Keep in mind to observe who the most alluring guys on the island are.
  • Unlock Friendship Ranking after examining two same-sex Miis at the tester 10 times. Keep in mind to test which of your island’s girls and guys get along best.
  • Unlock Traveler Rank after welcoming 5 travelers to visit your island.
  • Unlock Island Ranking after street-passing 5 times and getting one traveler to leave your island. Keep in mind to examine which islands get the highest quality of life.


Generally, all the rankings in the Tomodachi Life ranking board are simply for entertainment purposes and come with no significant effect. What could be more fantastic than acquiring all than playing this cool game on the Nintendo devices! Do you think you can complete perfectly? Play to know now!






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