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Scum is an interesting multiplayer online survival video game. Croatian studio Gamepires developed this game and it was under the Steam Early Access program. This title is described as a “prison riot survival game” and will include an open world.This game was first announced in August 2016. On 29 August 2018, it entered Steam’s first access program with a full release arranged for sometime in 2020.Scum uses the Unreal Engine 4.Game Informer was named Scum as one of the best indie games of PAX East 2018. It gained the same attention from GameSpot, listing it as among the most notable games of PAX East 2018. Scum was sold over 250,000 copies in the first 24 hours in early access and the first week is 700,000 copies and over one million sales by the third week.

How to use Scum console commands?

It is so easy to enter Scum commands and get the desired items. Hit the letter T to bring up the text chat box, then, put in a hashtag and enter the commands you want.

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More about Sum

Scum set in Croatia in which up to 100 players per server. Your mission is to make an effort to survive and get off the island by originally removing the graft which stops you from leaving. Moreover, you will earn fame points through joining in several action-driven events or basically by surviving in an aggressive environment. These fame points allow you to be replicated back in case of death and used as currency to buy or trade in a variety of safe zones. Moreover, you will be able to strengthen existing structures and points to protect positions or store items when needed.

There are four main attributes that your character will poss. They are strength, dexterity, constitution, and intelligence. These attributes will let you make characters to suit your playing style of preference. Moreover, you can choose to pay no attention to these elements of the game, or can look deeply into these systems to improve the character’s performance. Another aspect of this game is digestion. For example, if your characters get all of their teeth knocked out, they will have to find a way to get food to digest it. Excreting and urinating will leave physical evidence of activities on the island, which could be used to mark other players. Battles will depend on not only your skill level but also on things like stamina, health and so on. Another certain aspect of this game is wetness, smell, medicine, cooking, hacking, crafting, hunting and poison  which play a main role in the gameplay. The last point is that Scum offers both third and first-person perspectives that served you full experiences.


Got your snack, drinks and a cold mind to enjoy the fascinating survival world in Scum now. Try to be the last survivor and become the winner in this battle. Don’t ignore the above cheats because you don’t know how useful it is and how can it support you!

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